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The course provides compulsory training required by art. 18 of the Act (D. Lgs. 81/08).

The training program in the field of company first aid is defined by Ministerial Decree n. 388, 15 July 2003, Annexes 3 and 4; It comprises 3 modules and has a variable duration depending on the type of the company.

According to art. 1 of Ministerial Decree 388/2003, companies are classified, taking into account the type of activity, the number of workers employed and the risk factors in three groups.

Group A

  1. Companies or production units with industrial activities, subject to the obligation of declaration or notification, referred to in Article 2, of Legislative Decree 17 August 1999, no. 334, thermoelectric power plants, nuclear plants and laboratories referred to in articles 7, 28 and 33 of the legislative decree March 17, 1995, n. 230, mining companies and other mining activities defined by the legislative decree 25 November 1996, n. 624, underground works referred to in the decree of the President of the Republic March 20, 1956, n. 320, companies for the manufacture of explosives, powders and ammunition;
  2. Companies or establishments with more than five workers belonging or related to INAIL tariff groups with injury index of permanent disability than four, which can be derived from national statistics INAIL for the previous three years and up to December 31 of each year.

III. Companies or establishments with more than five permanent workers of the sector of agriculture.

Group B

Companies or establishments with three or more workers who do not fall into Group A.

Group C

Companies or establishments with less than three workers who do not fall into Group A.
It consists of a theoretical and practical, for the implementation of the first internal intervention measures and for the activation of the first-aid actions.



Companies of the Group A: 16 hours

Group Companies B and C: 12 hours

Refresher course:

Group Companies A: 6 hours

Companies of the Group B or C: 4 hours

Frequency updated every three years.

At Course

To provide theoretical and practical tools to implement first aid procedures in the company, waiting for specialized relief, limiting further damage to the injured.


  • Alert the rescue system.
  • Recognizing a health emergency.
  • Implement first aid.
  • Recognition of first aid limits.
  • Knowing the specific risks of the activity.
  • Acquire general knowledge about trauma in the workplace.
  • Acquire general knowledge on specific diseases in the workplace.
  • To acquire practical skills intervention.
  • Recognition of cardiac arrest and implementation of the cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.


of a multiple choice test administration.


The teachers are qualified doctors and experienced nurses in the field of First aid.


For each course participant will receive a certificate of attendance.